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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

This is Essex....apparently

This is Essex Sunday 10pm ITV2

Jodie Marsh

This is Essex...apparently. One of the many face book status’s that popped up on my news feed on Sunday night as I sat in front of the television, cringing to death and the new programme ‘This is Essex’ on ITV2. Can the people who have agreed to take part in this piece of crap realise that they are only putting it on television to take the piss out of people who come from this area?!

Being an Essex girl myself I would love to be able to write this blog post defending all those who rain supreme from this little section of east London, but I can’t honestly say the programme was quite a realistic portrayal, and it is with a heavy heart I admit... I knew one of the main characters (naming no names of course).

Now one of the places mentioned on this disturbing piece of television history (lol) was Sugar Hut. Yes I have been there before; however it was burnt down a few months ago and as of recently been reopened for the public. Good times ey, one more place to go out in Brentwood, and it wasn’t as bad as I can remember surly? Or so I thought as a nosey trip to see what it had been turned into brought all the shames and the horrors of Sunday night’s programmes to life. I think my face in now permanently stuck in the cringe position. Would you think I was lying if I told you boys were actually dancing with themselves in the mirror? Well I swear they were!

So why is it that we have earned this reputation of being sluts, slags and worse still tramps? Well a long list of things to be totally honest and if you are to Google the term ‘Essex girls’ related searches include ‘chav girls’ and ‘Jodie Marsh’. Mmm Jodie Marsh now there is an interesting character! This tattoo loving, big boobed, belt wearing women is doing us no favours at all. With her favourable belt tops and layers of shovelled on makeup, she is clearly one of the reason programmes like this have come to light.

However whilst watch the show through my hands, I have to remember that there are lovely places to visit in Essex and some equally nice people you will meet along the way. Please don’t let this programme put you off or think any differently of us. Let’s all laugh at the fact that this is how we are stamped and we will never be able to shake it. I will just have to laugh in the faces of the people who think Essex girls will never become more than a page three model.

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