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Saturday, 16 October 2010

I want Fannie

I am already making my christmas list to Santa and these pieces of chainmail magic are, no doubt, right at the top....

Fannie Schiavoni grew up in Sweden but moved to London to study Fashion Design Technology at London College of Fashion. Her background in tailoring created a passion for handcraft. This is reflected in her accessories collections which are all designed and handcrafted in her studio in London. The versility of the pieces allows multiple looks for a single item. Fannie is drawn to androgyny, strong clean lines and geometric forms.

Strap me in...

I want one...what more is there to say. A beautiful piece to compliment a plain white tee or a funky way to taper a toughen up a pretty girl tea dress. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Long live Alexa

It’s a boring Sunday afternoon and I yet again find myself trawling through the reams of fashion magazines, newspaper articles and journals stacked high on my small student desk, this is the inspiration I need to begin a new working week. Next to it, nearly as high as the magazine stack itself stands the work that I know has to be done, but I think I’ll let it topple. Catching up with the latest trends sex tips and celeb happenings is far more important at this moment in time; it’s a Sunday after all! As I grab a Cosmo from the top of the pile and flick through the first few pages it is no surprise to see Alexa Chung and her quirky style yet again splashed across the page. A cute vintage polka dot dress, chunky clashing boots and layers of jewellery. She pulls it off again looking gorgeous, and leaving me envious as ever.

Be it backstage at a festival, shopping on the streets of New York or appearing at London Fashion Week, there is an effortless 'I really didn't bother vibe' to everything Alexa wears and a laid-back, London street chic vibe infuses her entire wardrobe. She exudes style and beauty in her handpicked vintage finds. Add to this a leather jacket for a touch of rock chick grunge teamed with a sweep of eyeliner and she is ready to rock the fashion world and add inches to the stack of magazines, already to high on my desk. She is an inspiration to all women proving that you don’t have to earn big bucks to look a million dollars with her famous high street/designer outfit collaborations. Style followers like myself may head to New Look to grab some of the goodies she modelled for them earlier this year. Pieces range from her signature skinny jeans to a checked hooded dress and even sexy chunky heels with socks, how’s that for stylised! In addition to this she was also the rightful winner of the ‘best dressed’ award at the Shockwaves NME awards in February this year, beating off the likes of Noel Gallagher, Brandon Flowers, Noel Fielding and even her own boyfriend Alex Turner. In an all male category, she stands as a great fashion ambassador for everyone who adores true quirky London style.

Different styles will continue to grow, change and develop as things always do in the fast moving world of fashion, but one thing is for certain Ms Chung will always be up there with the fashion leaders of our generation. One day it will be time to chuck out these old magazines as the fashions and times change, but as I give them one last glance over the same chick is sure to catch my eye and make me question if I will ever look as good as her.

Hello hipstamatic

I have found the best app ever for my new iphone4! Aside from the Sims 3 of course, what could beat that?
Hello Hipstamatic! A great way to create vintage effect photos instantly without any photo shopping. I will be taking pictures of everything from now on so be aware, I’m watching you....

This is Essex....apparently

This is Essex Sunday 10pm ITV2

Jodie Marsh

This is Essex...apparently. One of the many face book status’s that popped up on my news feed on Sunday night as I sat in front of the television, cringing to death and the new programme ‘This is Essex’ on ITV2. Can the people who have agreed to take part in this piece of crap realise that they are only putting it on television to take the piss out of people who come from this area?!

Being an Essex girl myself I would love to be able to write this blog post defending all those who rain supreme from this little section of east London, but I can’t honestly say the programme was quite a realistic portrayal, and it is with a heavy heart I admit... I knew one of the main characters (naming no names of course).

Now one of the places mentioned on this disturbing piece of television history (lol) was Sugar Hut. Yes I have been there before; however it was burnt down a few months ago and as of recently been reopened for the public. Good times ey, one more place to go out in Brentwood, and it wasn’t as bad as I can remember surly? Or so I thought as a nosey trip to see what it had been turned into brought all the shames and the horrors of Sunday night’s programmes to life. I think my face in now permanently stuck in the cringe position. Would you think I was lying if I told you boys were actually dancing with themselves in the mirror? Well I swear they were!

So why is it that we have earned this reputation of being sluts, slags and worse still tramps? Well a long list of things to be totally honest and if you are to Google the term ‘Essex girls’ related searches include ‘chav girls’ and ‘Jodie Marsh’. Mmm Jodie Marsh now there is an interesting character! This tattoo loving, big boobed, belt wearing women is doing us no favours at all. With her favourable belt tops and layers of shovelled on makeup, she is clearly one of the reason programmes like this have come to light.

However whilst watch the show through my hands, I have to remember that there are lovely places to visit in Essex and some equally nice people you will meet along the way. Please don’t let this programme put you off or think any differently of us. Let’s all laugh at the fact that this is how we are stamped and we will never be able to shake it. I will just have to laugh in the faces of the people who think Essex girls will never become more than a page three model.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Power Collaborations

Some of the offerings from the Jimmy Choo for Ugg collection.

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli the brains behinds Valentino and Gap's new range.

Quite recently there have been more high street designer collaborations than you can shake a stick at. From Lanvin and H&M to Mark Fast and Topshop, everyone seems to be jumping on this money making band wagon. However this does beg the question; is this a good thing, or is it just more high street retailers trying to keep up with the big boy boutiques and make a name for themselves in the eye of the media?

Celebrities and designers have always been used to endorse and advertise products, but in recent years it seems they have imbedded themselves even further into the high street, but is it a death trap they may never be able to break free from? Yes, these partnerships are great for people who would love to get their hands on the latest Jimmy Choo’s for a bargain price (even if it does come with a H&M logo) but there surly has to be some degree of brand damage along the way for the designer. By forming power couples with these high street retailers they are losing that exclusivity that the original buyers of the brand desire. After all who wants to turn up at a cocktail party to find that women you hate from the office wearing the same dress as you!
As well as this, these collaborations blur the line between the high street and designer boutiques, and it wouldn’t be done unless the designers found it necessary. Therefore we have to come to the conclusion that this is a movement born out of recession that is now driven by bargain hungry shoppers who won’t settle for anything less than cheap priced high quality clothing. These designers are being forced into these partnerships with the high street as it is the only way they seem to be able to keep their finances ticking over. Of course designer collections are still desirable and the elite money makers of this world will always splurge on the latest offerings from Versace and Chanel, but they are definitely part of a niche market that is getting smaller and smaller. Not only have designers crept onto the high street but, as of last year, Oxford Street now runs a high street fashion week. Add this to the fact that Topshop now show their Unique collection at London Fashion Week and you find yourself unable to determine whether you are on designer or high street territory.

Looking at this from the point of view of the high street however and we see a different story begin to unravel. There are endless pros and for one thing they are more than likely to have a massive boost in sales from the word go. Some pieces even manage to find themselves on Ebay selling at up to three times more than they were in store! Media hype and attention is another added bonus, as well as a quality the customer will now associate with the brand. If the likes of Karl Largerfield want to collaborate with H&M, for example, this must mean they have good enough product for the designer to put their name to it. Even when the designer collections aren’t being sold in that store any longer, customers will still register the quality of the brand. Customers are left happy and satisfied that they can own that little piece of high end magic and it restores people’s faith in the high street, clothing and the fashion world in general.
With all this being said it is only fair to give you a little taste of the three best merges to look out for on the high street this season.

3. In at number three we have long awaited Lanvin’s collaboration with H&M. The womenswear collection has been created by Alber Elbaz and the menswear by Lucas Ossendrijver. It will launch on 23rd November 2010 in 200 stores across the world. Alber commented," I have said in the past that I would never do a mass-market collection, but what intrigued me was the idea of H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public. This has been an exceptional exercise, where two companies at opposite poles can work together because we share the same philosophy of bringing joy and beauty to men and women around the world." The preview for this collection is avabible from 2nd October.

2. Second on this list is Jimmy Choo’s merge with Ugg. The collection is based on the iconic Ugg Australia boot construction with design details that embody the spirit of the Jimmy Choo brand. The collection encompasses 5 styles in multiple color variations. The boots will only be available Jimmy Choo and Ugg Australia stores. In addition, the collaboration products will be available on the and websites. Due for release in October.

1. And in at number one is.... Valentino for Gap of (of course!) To celebrate its upcoming flagship store in Milan, Gap decided to team up with one of Italy’s finest. The collection will launch in November, and comprise a capsule line of womenswear designs based on iconic pieces from the store but incorporating the luxury of the designer brand. The pieces will only be sold at the Milan store, at Gap on Oxford Street and at Dover Street Market in London, and at Colette in Paris.

There is no doubt that these ranges help to build the retailers brands and establish them as leaders in the fashion forward stakes. My personal opinion is that they offer more choice and I am always up for more choice. I would buy pieces from collaborations by my favourite designers as long as they were not too much more expensive than the standard high street ranges and they were a reasonable quality. I would rather pass on the over priced, poorly made designer high street collaborations in favour of original pieces by less known and less expensive designers. It is really down to personal taste, I say if you like something and can afford it, then why not buy it, designer or not. I am holding out hope for an Ann Demeulemeester collaboration with Zara!

A boys veiw on fashion

I was totally walking down the street tha ova day. Init. Anyway, there i was and i saw this proper neat looking vintage numbah. Hello credit card LOLLLLLL. Then I saw that it wasn’t my size and I was totally like FML.

Friday, 1 October 2010

And so begins another year....

So... tomorrow marks the start of my second year at university! Can’t believe the time has gone so quickly and summer is very definitely over (hence why I am sitting at my desk with frizzy hair) but never the less I have made a promise to go to all my lectures and get work in on time. Oh yes and join the gym and start cheerleading and get a new job. Not much then! However one thing I will be carrying on with is my fashion editor’s role at the Demon. After a very productive meeting yesterday, it has been decided that this issue will be four pages crammed full of pictures new and interesting things that have been happening all summer long in the world of fashion! Look out for the issue which will be available to pick up from the De Montfort university campus and online in about two weeks. Happy 1st October everyone...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!