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Monday, 31 January 2011

The Smith family

The ones that made it to uni

Newest addition

Party party

Please get hot again

Xmas celebrations

Oh the irony

Dirty pretty things

Beautiful new Topshop jewelry

Three layered necklace £7.50

Red velvet hairclips £1.50

Tassel earings £1.50

Necklace £5.00

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

18th Jan 2011

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Happy birthday to me...three days early!
Benefit eyeliner
Blow by blow book
Calvin Klein PJs
Thank you so much everyone.

Parisian obsession

Courtesy of Maria...thank you

Home made

All done and handed in...what a relief.

15th Jan 2011

Charity shop trousers, vintage shirt and topshop top

Friday, 14 January 2011

14th Jan 2011

(untitled post)

Ring spun shoot

Lets all get excited....

....all to come in the Demon this issue



Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Just plain UGGly

What keeps you warm, cosy and prevents you from looking stylish? I’ll give you a clue...they look great teamed with a velour tracksuit and baby pink t-shirt, yep you have guessed it, UGG boots. They also have the power to turn any women under 5ft 10 into a dumpy Umpa Lumpa with the legs of a pantomime horse, so why oh why do we do this to ourselves?

Ok so maybe I am being a little bit harsh. The majority of you reading this will either own a pair or know someone who does but let’s be realistic here; they are not the height of fashion now are they. And yes I understand the comfort properties such footwear can hold but we managed to get through the winter months just fine before our furry little Australian friends turned up.

So please I urge you all.....don’t let this be the trend that defines the next decade!

What's your curve ID?

Just about every fashion magazine and blog worth a mention has been praising it and now, Blog Me Fashionable is to. A denim revolution has begun so...what’s your Curve ID? Holly Smith investigates.

So, it’s that time if the year when you have taken to wearing tights and leggings over jeans because of that dreaded Christmas bulge. For the fifth time this week you have stared at the jeans in your wardrobe and decided against wearing them because they are just not right. Then the dreaded thought passes through your mind. You are actually going to have to go denim shopping, and you already know that after six hours, nine shops and undressing twenty times you are going to walk away empty handed and disappointed. You clearly haven’t heard of Curve ID.

We all know how hard it can be to fine the one, that perfect pair that you want to live in and shout about from the rooftops, in fact Levis found that 87 percent of women wish they could find jeans that fit better and just 28 percent believed jeans were designed to fit their bodies. So being the denim experts that they are and with over 100 years of experience under their belt, they sat up, took notice and done something about it. In the biggest piece of global fit research in history 60,000 women’s bodies were studied in high tech 3D body scanners, and the outcome? Three fits made to sung, hug and flatter the curves of 80 percent of the population. Three key fits build the structure of the range, and around this colours, styles and sizes can be decided by you. Whether you’re a Slight curve, Demi curve or Bold curve you are sure to find something you will love and treasure for a lifetime.

Does it really work, how do you know what my Curve ID is and is it all a painfully long process of measuring my wobbly bits? I went to the Levi’s store in Highcross shopping centre where I met Siobhan Cooper, a Curve Consultant to find out more....

Holly: So tell me a bit about Curve ID.

Siobhan: Curve ID is a revolutionary concept designed by Levi’s, born out of the fact that women struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans. 60,000 women’s figures were measured in 3D body scanners and we came up with three new fits; Slight curve, Demi curve and Bold curve. At the moment they are all low waisted but new classic waist styles are being released this spring/summer.

H: What’s the difference between Curve ID and other jeans?

S: The Curve ID jeans will give you a better fit on your hips, bum and thighs because they are all tailored to your individual shape. The denim is also softer giving you extra comfort without going baggy over time. The height of the back of the jeans varies depending upon your curve meaning they hug your figure and stop you getting that dreaded builders bum!

H: So what would be the benefit of switching from other high street brands?

S: You get a perfect fitting pair of jeans that are great quality and long lasting. They are all handmade so know two pairs will be the same. As well as a large choice of on trend colours and styles, you also get the versatility to wear them during the day or night.

H: How do I know what curve I am?

S: It’s all to do with the ratio between your hip and seat measurement. If the difference is 0 – 3 ½ inches you will be a Slight curve. 3 ½ to 5 inches, you will be a Demi and if your difference is more than 5 inches you will be a Bold.

H: Will you measure me in store and how long does it take?

S: Yes you can come into the Highcross store, or any of our stores across Europe, and our fully trained staff will be happy to measure you. We simply pop a ribbon with two tapes fixed at the sides around your waist. Four inches from your waist is your hips and this is our first measure. Eight inches from your waist is your seat, this is our second measure. The difference between the two gives us your Curve ID. All this is done in a matter of minutes.

H: What if I don’t feel comfortable being measured. Can’t you still find my Curve ID?

S: Yes we can! Simply tell us the problems you have when finding jeans and we can estimate your Curve. If your jeans tend to gape at the back try a Bold. If they are too tight at the hips and loose in the leg try a Slight. If you find that jeans fit ok but are just unflattering, head towards the Demi section.

H: What if I have been measured and can’t remember my Curve?

S: We have ID cards for you to pop into your purse so you will never need to be measured twice. Just ask one of the specialists in store to get you one sorted.

H: Which pair of Curve ID jeans would you recommend to a fashion conscious student on a budget of £75?

S: After a quick measurement I would recommend some Demi cure skinny jeans for you. The original price is £90 but with our 20 percent student discount they are only £72, making them £3 under budget!

H: What other new products do you have in store to go with the Curve ID jeans?

S: This spring/summer we will be seeing a lot of polka dots creeping into the range and my personal favourite is a red button down shirt with small white dots

Head down to your nearest Levi's store now to check out the rest of the amazing spring/summer stock.

Demi Curve skinnies - WAS £110....NOW £55

Slight Curve skinnies - £85.....with NUS £68

Demi Curve skinnies (also in Bold) - £90....with NUS £72

Demi Curve skinnies (also in Bold) - £100....with NUS £80

Demi Curve bootcuts (also in Bold) - £85....with NUS £68

Demi Curve straight - £90....with NUS £72