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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Long live Alexa

It’s a boring Sunday afternoon and I yet again find myself trawling through the reams of fashion magazines, newspaper articles and journals stacked high on my small student desk, this is the inspiration I need to begin a new working week. Next to it, nearly as high as the magazine stack itself stands the work that I know has to be done, but I think I’ll let it topple. Catching up with the latest trends sex tips and celeb happenings is far more important at this moment in time; it’s a Sunday after all! As I grab a Cosmo from the top of the pile and flick through the first few pages it is no surprise to see Alexa Chung and her quirky style yet again splashed across the page. A cute vintage polka dot dress, chunky clashing boots and layers of jewellery. She pulls it off again looking gorgeous, and leaving me envious as ever.

Be it backstage at a festival, shopping on the streets of New York or appearing at London Fashion Week, there is an effortless 'I really didn't bother vibe' to everything Alexa wears and a laid-back, London street chic vibe infuses her entire wardrobe. She exudes style and beauty in her handpicked vintage finds. Add to this a leather jacket for a touch of rock chick grunge teamed with a sweep of eyeliner and she is ready to rock the fashion world and add inches to the stack of magazines, already to high on my desk. She is an inspiration to all women proving that you don’t have to earn big bucks to look a million dollars with her famous high street/designer outfit collaborations. Style followers like myself may head to New Look to grab some of the goodies she modelled for them earlier this year. Pieces range from her signature skinny jeans to a checked hooded dress and even sexy chunky heels with socks, how’s that for stylised! In addition to this she was also the rightful winner of the ‘best dressed’ award at the Shockwaves NME awards in February this year, beating off the likes of Noel Gallagher, Brandon Flowers, Noel Fielding and even her own boyfriend Alex Turner. In an all male category, she stands as a great fashion ambassador for everyone who adores true quirky London style.

Different styles will continue to grow, change and develop as things always do in the fast moving world of fashion, but one thing is for certain Ms Chung will always be up there with the fashion leaders of our generation. One day it will be time to chuck out these old magazines as the fashions and times change, but as I give them one last glance over the same chick is sure to catch my eye and make me question if I will ever look as good as her.

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