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Saturday, 4 June 2011

If the shoe fits...

I am so excited that London College of the Arts teamed up with New Look to create some of the sexist shoes around and guess what....they have just hit the shops!

The challenge was set for these budding young designers to come up with the new designs back in March 2010 and the four winning students from the MA Fashion Footwear course can now admire there work in one of the most popular high street retailers of today.

Overall winner Chang (Ralf) Seok Ko who produced three styles using a bleached denim technique with hand frayed raw edges will play an integral role in the craftsmanship and production process of his shoes and gain the opportunity to travel overseas and see his designs made up by one of New Look’s suppliers.

This stunning yellow and blue wedge is one of my favourite shoes of all time, though not entirely practical, they might look good siting on my bedroom shelf instead of a bunch of flowers. 

Winning design by Chang (Ralf) Seok Ko

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  1. the first ones are so adorable! the outfit would have to be pretty plain though