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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Just plain UGGly

What keeps you warm, cosy and prevents you from looking stylish? I’ll give you a clue...they look great teamed with a velour tracksuit and baby pink t-shirt, yep you have guessed it, UGG boots. They also have the power to turn any women under 5ft 10 into a dumpy Umpa Lumpa with the legs of a pantomime horse, so why oh why do we do this to ourselves?

Ok so maybe I am being a little bit harsh. The majority of you reading this will either own a pair or know someone who does but let’s be realistic here; they are not the height of fashion now are they. And yes I understand the comfort properties such footwear can hold but we managed to get through the winter months just fine before our furry little Australian friends turned up.

So please I urge you all.....don’t let this be the trend that defines the next decade!

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