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Monday, 8 November 2010

Bored of this now

Ok, so I am sitting at my computer and it has suddenly hit me....

I am so unbelievably, near-to-tears bored of vintage fashion/clothing/shops/anything sepia looking or smelling of old dust and wax jackets. Why has it taken this long for us to realise that vintage clothing is just basically second hand charity shop shit that has been jazzed up to the max with a (sometimes) expensive price tag.

It’s not unique and it’s no longer individual. Everyone is doing it. And, all you cool kids in London posing away on brick lane, take a look around. You all look the same! A slash of red lipstick and vintage boot for the girls, followed by a pair of skinny chinos and a chunky knitted sweater for the guys, maybe throw in some kind of pointed boots if you’re feeling adventurous.

Oh...but hang on a minute....I think I have just described what I wear most days :S

Well yes. Ok I admit it, I have become a bit of a slave to the vintage look and it appears ALL my clothes (old or new) have now been sprinkled with the ‘vintage odour’. It’s just so satisfying when you pull out a cute little one of a kind bag that your friend also falls in love with, but there is no way she can copy you. Or when you manage to grab an old school oversized Lacoste jumper for £10!

So where else is there to turn and what is going to be the next groundbreaking fashion of the 21st century that will cause heads to turn, boys to whistle and blogs to be written?

The short answer is no one knows.

The long answer is an educated guess from a (relatively) educated fashion student.
We all know fashion works on a cycle. How many times have you walked down the stairs ready to go out and your mum has said “I used to have a pair of shoes just like that in the 80’s”. Well thanks a lot mum, if you would have just saved them for a little longer you could have saved me £60. This has also happened to me whilst donning, stone wash jeans, black loafers, skin tight skinny jeans and a tennis skirt (eBay bargin £2.99 :) )

That being said and working on the assumption that we are going round in circles every 20 years, my prediction is...a full blown 90’s revival. I’m not just talking about perms and ripped jeans. Oh no I mean all out Spice Girls platform trainers complete with Britney bunches. And bring it on!

Glitter crop tops and union jack dress at the ready people, this trend is sure to hit the streets

Ok well maybe that is taking it a little too far but there are a few reason to love the 90’s...

What else then?

Looking forward at new ideas and forgetting all that has been before, SMART materials will soon creep into stores and open up a whole new world of ideas and solutions to those fashion conscious beings....

However thanks to a whole A-level module on the subject I am almost as board of it as I am with vintage fashion. It does appear I am fighting a losing battle.

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