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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fashion in distress

Now I don’t know about you but if I was to buy a £1,500 dress, only to get home and find a hole at the hemline I would certainly be heading back to the store for a full refund, fuming and cursing about it the whole way. This season however you may wish to take a second glance at that dress you thought had an ‘accidental’ rip as it seams distressed clothing is back and it’s bigger, and even more battered, than ever before. If McQueen is doing it you can guarantee other designers are going to follow suit, and this ripple effect is already making itself apparent as we move into the next phase of our fashion calendar, fall 2010.
So where has this trend come from and why has it decided to rear its head now? Well the most obvious answer seams to be that our clothes mirror our feelings. We've got a monstrous unemployment rate, and a seemingly endless war or two going on at the same time. We are dealing with natural disasters all over the globe, and an oil spill with repercussions that reach far into the future. It is clear that our, lets face it, less than flattering ripped jeans seam run an ironic parallel line with what is going on in the world of today. An office uniform of starched collar shirts and neatly pressed trousers just wouldn’t feel right at the weekends so it appears we either hit one extreme end of
the spectrum or the other.
But beware a fashion victim can easily be created from this blooming trend and there is certainly a fine like between getting the look right and ‘I’ve accidently fallen into the shredder’ wrong. But fear not fashion lovers for Browns are bringing us some of the best distressed pieces all under one roof for both men and women.
Key must have buys from there collections are:

• Miharayasuhiro, hoodie with distressed detail; a fantastic men’s piece that sums up the trend in one swoop. It’s relaxed, casual and above all stylish but as you can see the worn nature of the garment does well not to overwhelm the piece. Teaming with a faded pair of denims and mud encrusted trainers would complete the look perfectly.
• Alexander McQueen distressed knit dress; why not take the casual trend for a night on the town? One for the brave, this statement piece will certainly create a stir among the cocktail crowd. Worn with mighty heels and a small clutch, let the frayed edges do all the talking (while they still can!)
• Alexander McQueen chevron tweed jacket; thought this look was just something for the weekend, think again as you work you way past staring office eyes. The blend of a classic tailored jacket juxtaposed with fraying, worn edges shouldn’t work on paper but feat your eyes on this beauty and all your preconceptions disappear.

So before you storm to your wardrobe with a pair of scissors, cutting and ripping old garments to give them a fresh off beat vibe, grab you laptop and head to where you can create this look safe in the knowledge that you will be one of this season hottest trend setters.

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